Congratulations to our very own Des Lloyd, winner of the 2016  Daily Mail Wildlife Photography Competition:

Very well done indeed!

Did you see the Goshawks at Strawberry Farm?


The British Falconry Club met in Lincolnshire at the beginning of October, and hosted by farmers from all across Lincolnshire. Small groups hunted for game on each afternoon. At Strawberry Farm, the English or Grey partridge where the prey, flying out of the beet, being flushed by pointer dogs for each falconer. The Partridge where the winners on the day, being too fast and agile for the Goshawks, which didn't catch one. A good day for the Partridges!


Other wildlife seen around Richard’s farm include Little Owl, Barn Owl, Roe Deer, a pair of Turtle doves, Brow Hare, and Buzzard, and the odd fox has managed to dodge the game keeper up to now! There’s also lots of Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, the occasional grey Heron and many game birds such as English and French partridge and pheasant.


To save Clare lugging unwanted bags of bird food to meetings, please pre-order with her on 01427 613128 so that she only has to bring bags that will be sold on the night. Did you know also that as well as being for sale at our indoor meetings, the food is also for sale at other times of the year directly from Clare? Up-to-date prices can be found in the latest edition of our newsletter, Linkline (a copy of which is also on this website) or from the headquarters link